Fall Break is the Best Time to Go Sailing in Destin.

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

A beautiful fall sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

This was our first summer sailing in Destin with Fair Winds Sailing Co and we had an amazing season. Summer is always an exciting time because of the hundreds of thousands of people that come to the Emerald Coast for the beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. Even though the summer has come and gone, Destin still has a ton to offer in the "off season." In fact, it's a little known secret that the fall season is one of the best times to visit the Emerald Coast and it's the perfect time to book a private sailing excursion with us.

After summer ends in Destin the crowds start to dissipate, the traffic becomes less congested and the next couple of months are some of the most beautiful and pleasant. Every year more and more visitors realize just how amazing this time of year is, but the crowds are still no where near what they are in the summer. If you visit Destin in October you'll find the traffic is light, the restaurants aren't as packed, it's easy to find a good spot at the beach and there's still plenty to do. The Destin Harbor is bustling the entire month with the Destin Seafood Festival during the first week of October and the Annual Fishing Rodeo where anglers weigh their catch in daily.

Fall in Destin has the best sailing weather!

October is when we first start to see signs of fall on the Emerald Coast, but for us fall simply means pleasant days with clear skies and comfortable temperatures. While we might have the occasional "chilly" morning, by mid- day the air has usually warmed up to the mid 70's. The other great thing about Fall Break in Destin is that the water is still warm so there are lots of opportunities to take a dip in the Emerald Green water.

All the excursions that Fair Winds Sailing Co offers in the summer are also available in the fall months. In fact, we have some of the most desirable sailing conditions all year in October. Because the days are slightly cooler and tend to be more breezy it makes a sailing excursion extremely pleasant and enjoyable. If you're wanting to snorkel, look for shells or just experience our crystal clear water, the water is still warm enough for a Sail, Swim and Explore excursion. Fall Break in Destin is also a perfect time to book a Sunset Sail with us. In the fall months the sun starts to shift south and sets over the Gulf of Mexico, so this is the time of year we see the most beautiful sunsets over water. Just like summer, there are still plenty of opportunities to spot local wildlife like dolphins, sea turtles and even manatees.

A curious dolphin follows Selah in the gulf.

Fall Break in Destin is a true paradise and the perfect time to book a sailing excursion with us! You can call 850-502-0664 or go to our booking page to reserve your trip today!

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